Prox Devs
McvSphere is the balance view by General Slocombe
The mcv-sphere in NES is maintained by qdp-chnmth

The mcv sphere of NES shows its relation to all other levels.

The mcv-sphere generates and releases through 0rio
mcv-sphere spins to free controls in the mcv-odeon
McvSphere channels through to KnoxOdeon
Mcv-Sphere operates at EarthLevel
mcv- sphere generates bcv through bcv-odeon

The mcv-Sphere is the new economic level of the Banks and Institutions opCFX through actual present level pcv-sphere

The ucv-sphere is the new economic level of International Corporations and Nations opCFX through the present level of pcv-sphere

The icv-sphere id the level of Wealth Generation and Spirituality

The bcv and pcv sphere the level of the People

The ecv and acv sphere the level of basic generation and process of perfection


Sphere is the area of operation

Odeon is the View of Monetary operation - the transparency

Trans-mcv the centre of operation and direction

mcv-Trans distribution

Knox-mcv - the source of maintenance