Direction of Economic Progress
NES is dedicated to the memory of Ernest Bevin.

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Axial TWV
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New Economic System - NES Operation Manual

Basic Concepts of NES

NES integrates the Nature of Value with the Function of Banking.

NES provides all the controls to maintain the Status of the TWV


NES provides the controls for the inter development of ucv icv and bcv


NES serves CresTime in maintaining the production of icv and ucv

NES Control Sphere Vivos
NES Control Sphere Lumos


NES has the subtlety to maintain the nature of value


NES has the range to direct the status of value


NES has to function to apply the Crestime Interpretation of The Criteria of Value




NES Control Sphere Leos




















Site in Construction

NES Operation Field 1
NES Monitor Total Values













The volume 'The Criteria of Value' awaiting publication.

Extracts to appear on Crestime.












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