The New Economic System is based around the axis of Crestime, Total World Value and Earth Law bringing the control of economics to the level of the enhancement of the fluidity of the present world economics into a form that embellishes the central core of value - Mankind's greatest asset - invention.

The process of the industrial revolution up to the electronics revolution has been under the control of market forces derived solely from basic materials at the expense of Earth, this in NES is fundamentally changed.

In NES the basic value of a very inclusive and worldly system - centred around the ecv-bcv-icv centrum takes its standard from electronic processes that are maintained and varyingly operated in the compositions Metaphysica Empirica III,IV and V, this is where the elements of the value system are generated - that is the value is generated with a view to the integration of economics, invention and spirituality.

This is the new gold standard - but it suits our time because it is purely electronic - a control system for the production of sound and light waves.

Critical to our time is its permanence - values are dynamic but the unit relationships are permanent incorporated in the TWV.

Crestime and Cresta provides the dynamism and integration to maintain the system.

The fluidity and breadth of the system gives the openings for the development and success of new enterprises.