EarthLevel is the domain of SuperHouse-Earth
EarthLevel accesses EarthGauge to establish and set the TWV
Earth-Law provides the guidance and ethical base for the Earth-Level

EarthLevel is not in a country or state so it has to have relationships to the Nations of Earth:


At EarthLevel KnoxOdeon Values the NewTrinity.

of this relationship -

Equivalent, Ambiguous and Token.

Site in construction

EarthLevel is the Sphere of Endeavor that exists purely in terms of, and with responsibility to Earth Itself.


At EarthLevel LeKnox maintains the Source of Value.
In Earthlevel ElemLaw is a product of EarthLaw




In EarthLevel opCFX is the EarthLevel generator of added value.





EarthLevel allows the TWV to develop and strengthen

TotalWorldValue Extension
EarthLevel is the flux for framing by EarthDirection
Wide Operation at EarthLevel
MB through 0prx
Influence at EarthLevel
Spherex by KnoxOdeon
Formulation at EarthLevel
Gisx by FormReality
Value at EarthLevel
Process through New Spirituality
Decision at EarthLevel
Range through EarthDirection
Economics at EarthLevel
icv from III
Guidance from UniversalDirection
ucv from TotalWorldValue

Criteria from Crestime

bcv from OpCFX


Lucidation from