III forming icv
Solution to Economic Trials
False Values that have caused the present turmoil, and the New Direction
bcv is designed by mcv
ucv directing III


III generating
Elemx for bcv transfer and exchange


The bcv is the basic operation level of the new economic system(NES).

CFX's - full CreFlexes

bcv is the object and aim of ecv

operate in bcv

bcv makes the field of mcv

In the initialisation of a CFX the originator will be granted 100 bcv's.

bcv's are generated at the icv level at a constant controlled rate overseen by

bcv fuels icv

le Knox and within the range of the TWV.

bcv facilitates
bcv realises pcv


The NES encompasses a supra-valuation of the process of the world's economy.

The bcv has a level of direct connection with the present unitary system through the pcv.



Site in Construction


III moulding mcv